T-shirts and Tops

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Women's T-shirts and Tops

Women's T-shirts are already the essential piece of clothing. In the past, associated with sport style and home use, now - worn willingly even during a date or at work. Much depends on the cut. Women's fashion is really varied and designer's and trendsetter's minds are full of ideas for new sets and outfits for women. Among T-shirts, there's a wide selection, because particular models differ in cut, colour and patterning. Thanks to that, every woman, regardless of fashion preferences, will find Tee just perfect for her. You should have at least a dozen T-shirts in interesting and fancy patterns and prints. It's an amazingly versatile element of garment that can be matched with different kinds of trousers and skirts.

Currently, the most popular are oversized models with a bit more loose cut. They can have a slightly rolled up sleeves to obtain the effect of tiny "cuffs". To add more femininity and underline the nicely shaped body, especially with slim waist, T-shirts of this type should be worn inside trousers or with high-waisted skirts. It's been one of the hottest trends for the last few years. Matching it with classic jeans creates a timeless look that is perfect for every woman.

Women's T-shirts can be also tightly-fitted to underline the entire silhouette. Features that distinguish them are unique prints, interesting patterns and expressive colours. Matching various fabrics and textures are also trendy, e.g. lace with cotton or sewing eco-leather inserts.

The absolute 'must haves' of this season are women's T-shirts in boho style. They've got tassels, frills and floral themes. They should have a more loose-fitting cut and the biggest hit are lowered shoulder straps. These T-shirts add charm and beauty and yet are comfortable and perfect for warmer summer days.